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        President Shen Zhaojun visits Hong Kong Financial Institution [2014-07-04]
        CRM Signs Deepened Cooperation Agreements with Maanshan Iron & Steel Gro ...[2014-06-16]
        Chairman of the Board Lin and Vice President Li Meets Chairman of Rizhao ...[2014-05-28]
        China Railway Materials Company Signs Industry Group Headquarters Projec ...[2014-05-22]
        China Railway Material Company Holds the Sixth Training Courses of Study ...[2014-05-21]
        President Shen Zhaojun Attends Railway Construction Mobilization Meeting [2014-05-20]
        International business  
        Steel trade business  
        Railway Equipment Business  
        Manufacturing of Railway Sleepers and Cement Products  
        Railway materials supply Chain services  
        Minerals business  
        Logistics services Business  
        Railway construction business  
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